Valentinus and the Valentinian Tradition

Important Note- these pages dedicated to Valentinus are not my creation. They are an invaluable resource from David Brons, but had disappeared from the internet. I was able to save these pages via a search cache, and am making them available again. Since the time when I had saved this information, Mr. Brons has generously granted permission to our friends at to reproduce his work on their site, but we have left this here as a back up. The Gnosis.Org pages on Valentinus are located HERE.

Valentinus was one of the most influential Gnostic Christian teachers of the second century A.D. He founded a movement which spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Despite persecution by the Catholic Church, the Valentinian school endured for over 600 years. Valentinus' influence persists even today. This site is dedicated to the Valentinian Gnostic tradition and features scriptures as well as articles on the teachings of the school.

Who was Valentinus?
The Valentinian School
Teachings in Brief
Teachings in Detail
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Valentinians and the Bible
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