Writings of the Valentinian School

I would like to acknowledge the work of Gnosis Archive and Terje Bergersen for making most of these works available on-line.

Valentinian writings can be divided into two broad groups:

    exoteric writings: These were works which were intended for wide circulation and served to attract new students to the school.

    esoteric writings: These were intended only for initiates into the school. Such works describe Valentinian speculation in full detail.

Many of the surviving writings of the Valentinian school are available on-line. Where appropriate, the nature of the work (esoteric or exoteric) will be noted.

Writings whose author is known
Anonymous writings
Writings under the name of a Biblical figure
Writings which may have Valentinian affinities
Non-Valentinian writings used by the schoool








Anonymous Valentinian Writings

Valentinian Writings Under the Name of a Biblical Figure

Writings Which May Have Valentinian Affinities

Non-Valentinian Writings Used by the School