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"Gnosis, knowledge or primordial science, it is the intelligence of divine things, it is the teaching received in the first ages of the world when terrestrial Humanity was still impregnated with the creative Light; it is what the tradition piously transmitted and jealously defended in the sacred books of India and China, in the mystery of the initiations of antiquity, in the heart of the monasteries of Tibet, of Egypt, of Chaldea, and of Greece (Eleusis)...


It is « the Voice, the freedeom, the Life » which, for all the annointed teachers, was the eoteric teaching of the Logos; it is this which the Sages sought and sensed; it is this upon which all the philosophical and religious systems have pretended to rely upon, and which, here and there, they have reflected a few rays of pure light, but which they have all more or less disformed and obscured by that which they could not keep from mixing in of their individual conceptions and of theor own circumstances. Cast aside all these systems, all these relativities and you will discover - like the precious almond in the heart of the rough pit - the eternal Truth, the unaltered Gnosis, presiding over the evolution of the human soul."


- S.-J. Esclarmond, Sophia
from "Brief Exposé of the Gnostic Doctrine"