Historical Documents Translated from French

N.B. - unless otherwise indicated, all translations are by +Phillip A. Garver, T. Vincent II;
Permission for the translation of these documents existing in our archives has been freely given by T. Gilbertus for the purpose of dissemination of correct information on the history of our church. Permission for translations from l'Initiation have been given by Yves-Fred Boisset. Permission for translations of Chevillon, Feuillets d'Hermopolis, Joseph Gilbert, etc. have been given by T. Gilbertus and the French publising house Bélisane.

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Author's Name Title of Work Description
Pedro Freire,
Tau Petrus
On the Eucharist Commentary on the practice and origins of the Eucharst by the late Patriarch of the Église Gnostique Apostolique. Document removed by request of the widow of the late Patriarch of the EGAC.
Constant Chevillon,
T. Harmonius
The Law of Silence Commentary on the importance of Silence and its esoteric value in a Masonic and initiatory context.
ed. Gilbert Tappa,
T. Gilbertus
The Last Days of Vilatte Unpublished Letters exchanged between Joseph René Vilatte and Jean Bricaud after Vilatte's return to France just before his death.
Jules Doinel,
T. Valentin II
The Valentinian Gnosis A Brief summary of the complete Gnostic System of Valentinus based upon the 'Doctrine of Emanations.
Jules Doinel,
T. Valentin II
The Gnostic Catechism An educational instrument prepared for use by the original Gnostic Church outlining the core beliefs of this Spiritual Church at its renaissance. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Jules Doinel,
T. Valentin II
Première Homélie On the Holy Gnosis - 1890; the origins of the Doctrine of Gnosis which would later be expounded upon.
Jean Bricaud,
T. Jean II
Homily of the Patriarch Upon his enthronement to the Patriarchate - 1908; continues the concept of Doinel from his 'First Homily'.
Jean Bricaud,
T. Jean II
Esoteric Christian Doctrine A catechism and explanation of the Gnostic and Christian doctrines of the Church circa 1901 - originally translated and published by the Church of the Glorious Christ in Barbados and posted with permission given by Tau Theresa.
Pierre Geyraud The Gnostic Priestess Les Petites Églises de Paris (Parmi les sects et les rites). Editions Emile-Paul Frères, Paris, 1937; pp 76-83.
Michelis di Rienzi The Gnostics Les Petites Églises. Librairie Universelle, Paris, 1937; pp 89-94, written circa 1920.
Fabre des Essarts,
T. Synésius
Gnostic Reconciliation Translation in progress.
Patrice Genty,
T. Basilides
Doctrine of the First Gnostics Translation in progress. A rare text of the last Patriarch of the Eglise Gnostique de France. This branch of the church was of the pure Doinel succession and maintained its independence. Some indicate Tau Basilides put it to rest in favor of Bricaud's Church in 1926, however, this work, dating from 1931, clearly indicates that Tau Basilides retained his Patriarchal status, but that the Eglise Gnostique was strictly closed to outsiders.
trans. & ed.
Phillip Garver,
T. Vincent II
The Cathar 'Pater' A brief exposé on the Cathar understanding of the "Our Father" prayer taught by the Christ to his Disciples.
Roger St.-Victor Hérard,
T. Charles
History of the Haitian Gnostics Translation of the history of how the Gnostic Church of Ambelain Martinism, etc. arrived in Haiti, and its subsequent move to the USA.