(1317) Ordre Souverain des
Frères Aînés de la Rose Croix

Sovereign Order of the
Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross

58th & Last Imperator:
Pierre Phoebus Roger Caro (Born 30/01/1911 - + 16/01/1992)
(Sede Vacante) - any claim to the contrary is false


Why is the FARC showing itself today?

The seeker can note that Article 42 of the FARC Rule of 1317 stipulates the following:
"Every veil must fall when the time comes: there will be wonders in the heavens and the stars BECAUSE OF WISE AND LEARNED MEN; there will be wars and revolts; there will be words betrayed; there will be calamities and much misery, and there will be no more than four popes to come according to our learned Bishop Malachi the Irish." All the while remaining objective, we cannot help but notice that the SIGNS announced tally well with our time in the 21st century.

No one can deny that humankind has accomplised wonders in the skies, the planets, and the stars. The sending of satellites to the moon, to mars, and to venus is a burning reality.

Wars, revolts, and riots are popping up all around the world. People no longer keep their promises.

Finally, no one can forget the cities destroyed by water, fire, or earthquakes like, most recently, in China, where yesterday the victimes desired only to live.

Not being able, alas, to save people despite themselves, the FARC, today, believes that by placing Hermetic Philosophy, as well as the discovery of the Gnostic Scriptures (Egypt 1945) side by side with the Bible, at the threshhold of true seekers, they are dispensing a Teaching that will prove to be useful for the survivors of these great earthly upheavals. The more adepts there are in the world, the more the spared corners of the globe will have the chance of survival and of being more quickly rebuilt. The Art of Alchemy, for example, is to know the TRUTH, and the study of the Gnostic Scriptures will reveal to us what the Fathers of the Church have hidden, since the time of Saint Irenaeus, who made the choice of the 27 writings forming the New Testament, and destryong all the rest, except those discovered at Nag Hammadi, upper Egypt. The Truth is ONE, so everything must be compared sidy-by-side « chronologically » (problems of humanity, the cosmos, religion metaphysics, the profane, etc.)

Who were the founders of the Order - FARC?

Here, a succint historical step backward is essential. Upon the death of the Master of the Temple Jacques de MOLAY, and after the dissolution of the Order of the Temple in 1314, the templars were persecuted, emprisoned, and executed. A great number were captured. But, some found refuge in religious orders, or even exiled themselves to Spain, Germany, and England. In 1316, two philosophers, GUIDON and MONTANOT, succeeded in convincing 25 companions to return to France, in order to accomplish an exceptional mission. They decided to regroup under a new banner and took the name of "Frères Aînés de la Rose + Croix" or Elder Brothers of the Rose + Croix. The Alchemical Philosophy revealing a Universal Philosophy, their SOLE MISSION was to perpetuate it. However, due to the unique character of the material taught, wisdom saw necessary that the Order and its Members remained entirely secret, so as to assure the security of both the individual and the collective.
(© 2008 – Philippe L. De Coster; English translation © 2008 - Phillip A. Garver)

patents: Register of Knights

  • +Philippe L. De Coster [Philippus-Laurentius](Belgium)
    • Dubbed 15 March 1975
    • Grand Master International of the Sovereign Order FAR+C
  • Walter Marcelina Carolus Walgraeve (Belgium)
    • Dubbed 12 December 1998
    • Titular Grand Master of the Chivalric Order "Ordo Mysticus Militis Sancti Joannis"
  • +Phillip A. Garver (United States of America)
    • Dubbed 25 May 2008
    • Knight Grand Cross of Merit, FAR+C, Grand Master for North and South America
  • +Claude Calmels Beaulieux [Claude Camille de Bruyères] (France)
    • Dubbed 25 June 2008
    • Nominated 18 Obtober 2008 as Grand Prior of the Sovereign Order FAR+C with rights of succession upon the abdication for health reasons or upon the death of Grand Master Philippe Laurent De Coster
  • Georges Courts [Jacques de Jaucourt et d'Ovelacque] (France)
    • Dubbed 25 June 2008
    • Nominated 18 October as Master Guide of the Sovereign Order FAR+C
  • Leonard Stevens (New Zealand - Oceania)
    • Dubbed 12 October 2008

The Kings of Cyprus and Armenia did not become extinct with Vincent de Lusignan. The Imperator Pierre Phoebus (Roger Caro) held in his archives (see his works) texts which did not smack of just a good story, but of the cold rigidity of official document pertaining to our lineage on the genealogical gree of the Knighthood of the Temple from Roux de Lusignan.