The Order of the Grail
Esoteric Christian Chivalry

The institution of chivalry embodies the highest ideals of nobility of heart, charity, fidelity, integrity, uprightness, morality and courage. Above all, a Knight is a person of their word. Under the rules of Knighthood, an aspirant passes through the ranks of Page or Servant, to Squire and finally to Knight.

The aim, or mission of our order is embodied in the following goals:

  • To promote the mystical and esoteric Christian teachings and the exalted Spiritual and moral ideals of the Rosy Cross.
  • To promote the institution of Chivalry by making Knights in accordance with our tradition, thereby encouraging members to live an honorable, decorous and noble life. By acting in such an exemplary way, not only are the members themselves uplifted...but they become a model and an inspiration to everyone in society. As a result, the whole society is raised.
  • To alleviate some of the distress in the society through giving aid and assistance to bona fide organizations, especially those caring for orphans. Each Commandery or Priory is responsible for its own program. In general, public activities include charitable work, fundraising drives, etc. No member is paid a salary. All excess monies beyond operating expenses are donated to charity.

It should be explained that our Order is the fraternal section of the International College of Esoteric Studies (ICES), which was formerly known as the International College of Martinist Studies (ICOMS). The ICES curriculum is the basic educational substance of our work. Beyond this, each Commandery may draw from the vast wealth of material disseminated through what has become known as the western mystery tradition, although the majority of our members concentrate their studies in the areas of Gnosticism, Martinism, Rosicrucianism, the Grail and General Hermetica.

While the Order of the Grail may not have been part of the original 'Tradition', in the strict sense, it does contain elements from them all. In addition, the filiation of Knighthood is authentic and dates to the 13th century in France.

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