Opportunities for Support, and Publications

Aside from the many documents which we have translated and which are available in the documents section of this site, we have provided an easy opportunity for you to support us in our work to preserve this tradition and the documents associated with it and to make them available in English. In addition, we are endeavoring to make some texts available which will be published by Miloyati Press, the publishing arm of the Eglise Gnostique Apostolique.

Additionally, we can, from time-to-time, provide translation services for documents and texts in French - especially those relating to Gnostic/Esoteric/Religious/Occult topics. Generally, texts submitted in electronic format (Microsoft Word or Corel Wordperfect) suggest a going rate of $.14 per word. Of course, any additional donation to help support time and additional research are greatly accepted.

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In Progress - Publications Translated from French

"Et Verbum Caro Factum Est" - by Constant Chevillon
Last work produced before his assassination by the Nazis. A commentary on the Prologue to the Gospel of John.

"DOINEL: The Gnostic Studies."
Vignettes of Gnostic figures and concepts as revised by Jules Doinel during his Patriarchate. Originally appearing in the journal - l'Initiation - which was the official 'organ' of dissemination of the Eglise Gnostique.

"Essay on Spiritualism" - by Joseph Gilbert
A student of the 'Tradition' - this essay is written by a contemporary of Martinez de Pasqually and Louis-Claude de Saint Martin and is considered a classic for Martinist and Cohen research.

"Eucharistic Liturgies" of l'Église Gnostique Apostolique - in 2 Volumes
Originally published by Philippe PISSIER, Éditions Ramuel, France.

Other Items of Interest

"Apostolic-Gnosis" - Journal of l'Eglise Gnostique Catholique Apostolique
A journal of related articles, presentations, translations, etc. ISSN 1543-4796